Policies and Procedures


Our policies and procedures are all here for you to download and read as you please. They are updated as changes need to be made, such as a change in legislation, or operating procedure, but they are all reviewed on an annual basis as a minimum. We have quite a few and you'll notice over time that some of the policies are combined with other policies, and some policies get seperated into multiple policies. Don't worry sometimes this just makes things simpler, or we need to be that bit more specific in our policies, but all the relevant information will be on this page for you to download and read.



Absent Staff Policy >

Accident Policy >

Admissions Policy >

Agency Staff Policy >

Mother and Baby on Floor

Allergies Policy >

Asthma Policy >

Babies Milk Policy >

Couple with Daughter

Collection of Children Policy >

Concerns and Complaints Policy >

Confidentiality Policy >

Dummies Policy >

Extreme Weather Policy >

Illness Policy >

Lost Children >

Manual Handling Policy >

Medicine Policy >

Mobile Phones Policy >

Nappy Changing Policy >

No Smoking Policy >

Outdoor Policy

Parent's As Partners Policy >

Pet Policy >

Photograph Policy >

Personal Development Policy

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy >

Fire Evacuation Procedure >

Fire Management Policy >

Front Door Policy >

Proud Parents

Health and Safety Policy >

Healthy Food Policy >

Health and Well being Policy

Induction Policy - Staff >

A Happy Family

Recruitment Procedure and Policy >

Risk Assessment Policy >

Safeguarding and Child Protection >

Serving Meals >

Settling In - Children Policy >

Family Decorating Eggs

Sleeping Children Policy >

SEN & Inclusion Policy >

Social Networking Policy

Staff Training Policy >

Toys & Personal Artifacts Policy >

Trips and Outings Policy >

Visitors Policy >

Useful Documents

EYFS Parent's Guide >

EYFS Development Matters >

What to expect when>


Pregnant Woman and Partner

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